Website Design

The main question before starting a website, like any other product is: “What is my target audience?”

When we establish the audience, whether the website is an e-shop or just informative, we then adjust the appearance so as to have more visitors, and thus more sales.

Most of the times we let the customer give us a few guidelines and then we create a design that suits their needs according to the latest trends and techniques of web designing.

We can offer and use almost every standard & programming language/CMS application needed in order to create a fantastic website.


With collaboration with leading US and European companies in this field we provide low cost, reliable and fast hosting for your Website.

With guaranteed uptime 99.9% and a 24/7 service, you will be sure that your business will be online and growing continuously.

With the website hosting we also offer for FREE up to ten POP3 email accounts for the websites that we host, in the format of

Furthermore, we offer hosting space in case you want to have your documents on an online and secure location.

Upon request, for all above services, we also provided backups, in case that something goes wrong on your PC or mobile device.

Website Promotion

Like any other product so does a website need promotion. Actually the promotion cost will have a much higher cost than the actual website.

Our job is to optimize the content of the website with proper SEO and consequently to find the best channels, in order to reach the target audience of our customers.

This can include anything from promotions through Facebook ads and/or Facebook pages, to tweets on Twitter, or through specially designed HTML3 banners and many more creative ideas.

The online campaigns we create, are related to the other campaigns the company is running at the time, so a uniform message is passed to the consumers.

The good thing about internet advertising is that you get daily results on your campaign and you make adjustments to the budget of your campaign and make any amendments to the messages you are conveying to the customers.

Updates & Maintenance

For a website to maintain its high number of visitors and online business, it has to update its content frequently and correctly. This update can be done daily, weekly and/or monthly.

Most of the companies find it more cost-effective and efficient to outsource the updating of their websites, since the monthly cost, when outsourced, is a fraction of what they pay if they have an in-house person for this (full-time) job.

Our job is to update continuously the website with the proper information and also we content suitable for the internet.

Finally we ensure that the website is properly maintained and updated, in order to have undisturbed service and be always secure and safe. Furthermore, we undertake the responsibility to have the Website up and running smoothly at all times.