Our Values

The company is based in Cyprus, but we offer services all around the world. Our multi-culture, multi-region team provides a robust solution, as the insights of every person in our team are well-thought-out, thus creating a user friendly website and/or application that suit the needs of our customers.

We believe that creating a website that fully adapts to its target audience is our number one priority.

A professionally designed and produced, online presence is essential to an organization, service, product or brand.

It is our sincere desire to understand our client’s objectives, and create for them the perfect online presence. Through our experience we understand our clients business and objectives and we are able to create a customized website tailored to the needs of each individual.

Meet the Team​

Andreas Rolandis
Even if he got a BSc in Marketing and Business Administration from Boston University, his true passion was always the computers. At the early age of 12, he got his first computer, a ZX Spectrum! Since then he is a self-taught programmer and addictive gamer. His latest addiction is WordPress. 

Dušan Djordjevic
Dusan studied at Belgrade University in Computer Science and with his extensive knowledge in programming he is the head programmer of the company. With over 20 years of experience and more than 100 projects he can tackle any problem and create amazing webpages. He is also a passionate tennis and poker player.

Stavros Chalaris
Stavros programming experience includes projects in both the public and public sectors, including academia. Stavros is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth. He strives in staying current with the latest trends in development methodologies and techniques. Knowledge sharing is one of his top attributes!


Pieros Mavromichalis
Pieros is a software engineer and web developer from Cyprus. He is a Java Certified Programmer. Apart from that, his programming skills also includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, VB .NET. He likes travelling and at his free time he likes to play poker and football.

Mladjan Sladakovic
Mladjan is a new media designer and photographer from Belgrade. His imaginative skills and intuitive designs produce websites that are user-friendly and interactive. Apart from his HTML codes, CSS principles, Java scripts and php knowledge he is an avid Flash programmer. At his spare time he likes to take artistic pictures.

Alee Wagas
Alee graduate from the Virtual University of Information Technology Pakistan. He is a holder of a Bachelors of Information Technology (BIT). His passion is CMS websites and he loves to create interactive websites for our customers. Every time he adapts his designs to the needs of the customer, in order to produce exactly what our customer wants.

Nevena Stojanovic
Nevena is from Nis, Serbia and now living in Sweden. She studied computer science engineer in the Kungliga Tekniska högskolan (School of Computer Science). She then combined her university knowledge with her passion for web-design and become a “guru” of minimalistic and clean designs of websites. Her amendments and personal touch make all the difference in the final result we produce.