Did you know?

Web Design

The main question before starting a website, like any other product is: "What is my target audience?" When we establish the audience that the site will apply to, then we adjust the appearance so as to have more visitors, and thus more sales.

Most of the times we let the customer give us a few guidelines, and we create a design that suits their needs according to the latest trends and techniques of web designing.

The cost of the Website varies a lot, depending from the information that we will put on the website and also from the format of the information that the client has ready for us to use for their website. Also it depends on the level of the Content Management System (CMS) that the customer requires.

We can offer and use almost every standard "language/application" needed in order to create a fantastic website. Some of these are: HTML5, Java Scripts, Databases, jquery, CSS3, DHTML, CGI Scripts, etc.